alexandra barancová

A Study on Spheres, Loops and Intersections

by Alexandra Barancová
Practicum Artium Exhibition, May 2019, Wijnhaven, The Hague.

With the wave of inter- and transdisciplinarity, the space of ‘intersections’ is increasingly being quoted as the one in and through which research is carried out. Besides this trendy appeal, to me the idea of an intersection is closely linked to the dry imagery of Venn diagrams. Overlapping circles. Shaded regions.

Through this series of paintings, I explore the ways in which intersections can be understood as spaces that are much like spheres or loops, their two-dimensional constituents, themselves. My research engages with Peter Sloterdijk’s spherology and Bruno Latour’s uses of the concept. The paintings explore the traffic through the intersections of spheres with other spheres and of loops with other loops. They explore (and possibly compare, in the loosest sense of the word) the relationships of spheres and loops with their intersections.