alexandra barancová

Ordinary Rambling

by Alexandra Barancová & Jae Perris
BYOB, September 2018, Nicolaikerk, Utrecht.
Journeys into Diversity, March 2019, Bestuursgebouw, Utrecht University.
Journeys into Diversity, June 2019, Victor J. Koningsbergergebouw, Utrecht University.
BYOB Utrecht
— Photograph by Maarten Heijer —

Travel carries connotations of enlightenment. It is seen as integral to personal development. But we find substance to challenge such an ideal. Why are professions in transport not much more desirable? How is it that Immanuel Kant barely left his hometown, but still managed to come up with enlightening ideas? We reflect on our intuition that the destination generally overshadows the journey, even though ‘travelling’ refers to an activity.