alexandra barancová

Exhibition/ Journeys into Diversity

by Mary Bouquet (curator), Henk de Haan (graphic and spatial design) & Alexandra Barancová (curatorial assistance, production and online exhibition design)
18-29 March 2019, UU Administration Building (Bestuursgebouw), Utrecht.
17-28 June 2019, Victor J. Koningsbergergebouw, Utrecht.
journeys into diversity

The exhibition ‘Journeys into Diversity’ comprises photos, drawings, videos, objects, and paintings made or brought by refugee students, their fellow students, and teachers. It aims to make visible and tangible experiences in and around Utrecht University (UU) education, related to the question: ‘What does diversity mean within UU?’. Visitors are invited to provide their input towards answering this question from their own unique, individual perspective. The exhibition has been put together from material collected through the arts-based research project entitled ‘Making Journeys: Building Blocks for Diversity’.

This exhibition was part of the project 'Making Journeys: Building Blocks for Diversity' (2017-2019) funded by the Utrecht Stimuleringsfonds Onderwijs. It continues its journey online.