alexandra barancová

Figureable Game

by Alexandra Barancová, Jae Perris & Roel Wouters

More and more people create and use a digital body on a regular basis.

Figureable explores our relationships to and with bodies through embodiment in games; what if it isn’t your (virtual) body changing the environment, but rather your own body being altered in its course? And what if this body changes in ways you do not find desirable?

This research project is geared towards the development of a video game engaging with the themes of body, environment and control. The core concept for the end game is a virtual environment in which players need to sacrifice their own limbs to succeed. The project team consists of Alexandra Barancová, Jae Perris and Roel Wouters (Studio Moniker).

For more information, visit our project website and blog here, or watch the lecture below.

The project is funded by the Creative Industries Fund NL.