alexandra barancová

Arctic Tree

by Alexandra Barancová & Jae Perris
Github Arctic Code Vault, Unnamed Road, Svalbard & Jan Mayen.
arctic tree

As a part of the GitHub Archive Program , GitHub archived a snapshot of all its active repositories in the GitHub Arctic Code Vault at the beginning of February 2020. GitHub's Vault forms a part of the Arctic World Archive , in which the stored data and repositories should last for at least 1000 years to come.

We plant a tree amidst this snapshot. In a future where a git branch may be more palpable than a tree branch, we suggest and preserve a method for their propagation. A method that is modelled on the tree structure of git, and is accessible for anyone with internet and/or vault access to clone. Requiring less than 1.5KB of memory, the efficiency of this method as a means to reforestation speaks for itself.

The GitHub repository for Arctic Tree can be found here. You are welcome to grow your own tree.